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10 Delightful Acts of Kindness to Do on Christmas

10 Delightful Acts of Kindness to Do on Christmas

Festive seasons and celebratory days are a source of joy and happiness for everyone. Suppose you’re walking on the street feeling delightful for having had a great day, and you pass by an old friend, family member, or even stranger looking gloomy and defeated. This raises an important question in your mind ‘How can I make them happier?’

To simplify your quest, we’ve created a list of 10 Delightful Acts of Kindness to Do on Christmas to help you make a change, even if small, in the world.

Donate Things You Don’t Need

Upon tidying your closet, you may come across old belongings like clothes or toys you don’t need anymore. You can put them in boxes and send them to a children’s shelter or a non-profit organization that accepts such items to help the people in need of such possessions.

Give Strangers Compliments

Of course, there’s a way to this. A friend or a family member would appreciate compliments, but sometimes complimenting strangers can also have a positive impact. It could be something like wishing someone to have a good day, complimenting an attire, or even holding the door open for them. Good deeds can also be silent.

Run errands for Someone

Your neighbor could be an old lady living alone and having difficulty going up the stairs with a handful of grocery bags. The most obvious thing to do is help her out with this task. Running errands could also mean helping a co-worker finish a report or someone with difficulties crossing the road. It could be feeding a hungry dog or cat, or setting a water bowl for birds to drink.

Sharing Food

Suppose the person sitting next to you at the university cafeteria or work hasn’t brought their food for some reason. Asking them for the reason defies the point of performing a kindful act, so the best way would be to share your food with them and have a nice talk about how their day had been. Who would’ve thought this gesture would be one of the 10 Delightful Acts of Kindness to Do on Christmas?

Let Someone Cut in Front of You in Line

Being kind can lead to gestures like these. People in a hurry and need to finish their business and leave usually find it a burden to ask someone to let them go first. When you do so, keep in mind that such a small act would have made their day better.

Sign Up For Community Service

Most of the hard-working people are the ones that work at your local municipality. Garbage men, social workers, and security guards work through the harshest conditions just to provide for their families and themselves. To help them out, you could sign up for groups dedicated to serving the community to lift some toll off of these individuals.

Send A Care Package to A Family in Need

10 Delightful Acts of Kindness to Do on Christmas

Instead of sending money, you could purchase a care package that contains food packets and cans, blankets for the cold seasons, and other supplies they might need as a family. These could save them lots of money and help them in their time in need.

Plant A Tree

Although requires hard work and shows slow outcomes, planting trees helps the environment and ecosystems surrounding it. This meaningful act stretches to plants, animals in their habitats, and humans whether it is biological, psychological, or spiritual.

Leave A Nice Note on Someone’s Car

Write down an insightful and kind note and stick it on the windshield. It tends to be for a neighbor, a companion, your mate, or any arbitrary outsider. Add inspirational tones to their day!

Send Flowers to Someone for No Reason

10 Delightful Acts of Kindness to Do on Christmas

Even if there’s no occasion, sending flowers to someone having a difficult day will always make them happier. You can spread joy and delight by gifting your loved ones flowers and drawing a smile on their faces, especially if you’re living abroad. Presentail makes it easier for you to connect with your family, friends, and people in Lebanon. Sending Lebanese flowers is one of the kindest gestures to them, along with the other 10 Delightful Acts of Kindness to Do on Christmas!

Happy to have you!


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