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10 Tips For Decorating With Flowers:

10 Tips For Decorating With Flowers:

Flowers can be used in many ways to make your home look beautiful. Read on for 10 tips for decorating with flowers the interior of your home.

1) Use different types of flowers in each room

Using lots of different types of flowers will help to bring some coherence and consistency throughout the house, while also adding some color and interest to your interior.

2) Use flowers sparingly

Although you want to add some color and life to the interior of your home, this doesn’t mean that you should go crazy with fresh flowers. You don’t want your home to look like a florist shop! While it’s a great idea to add flowers in vases, urns, jugs, or other containers, don’t overdo it.

3) Make your arrangements

You can save money by using flowers that you’ve grown yourself or picked up for free from the side of the road. This will also teach you how to make your arrangements, which can help you create a very personal and original look throughout your home.

4) Use dried flowers as well as fresh ones

Dried flowers tend to last longer than fresh ones, and they work particularly well if you’re looking for a subtle effect. Dried flower petals sprinkled over bookshelves or tables instantly lend an air of natural beauty and charm to any interior space. Be sure to use wooden vases or containers when putting together dried flower displays so as not to clash with the existing colors in the room.

5) Add flowers to your clothes

Adding flowers to the interior of your home is only part of the equation. You can also experiment with adding them to your clothes as well! Flower pins, brooches, hair clips, and other accessories are an excellent way to bring some color and interest into your outfit.
10 Tips For Decorating With Flowers:

6) Add flowers to your trunk

You can also use flowers as part of the dressing for your car. A bunch of colorful flowers in a glass jar will look great on the back seat, but be sure to leave it unopened until you’re ready to drive! If possible, try and find some self-watering containers that will keep the flowers moist for longer.

7) Plant herbs with your flowers

By planting certain kinds of flowers alongside your vegetables, you can make your herb garden more visually interesting. Try pulling up some wildflowers (such as daisies) to decorate the edges of your fruit and vegetable garden, or place a few pots on a windowsill so that they can be enjoyed by both humans and insects alike.

8) Add flowers to your drinks

Adding fresh flowers to drinks is yet another way of bringing color and life into your interior. For best results, you should add the flowers just before serving so that the flower petals do not get crushed or mashed up during transportation. Try sticking a rose in a glass of champagne, which will give it a festive touch for an upcoming party!

9) Try to use as many different flower varieties as you can

And the 9th out of the10 tips for decorating with flowers states: the more different types of flowers you try and include in your interior design, the better! This will help to make your home look bigger and brighter, while also allowing each room to have a distinct personality.

10) Add flowers to match the season

Just like adding a fresh coat of paint or pulling up your carpets, adding some fresh flowers is an easy way for you to completely change the feel of a room. Try picking up some bright tulips during springtime, or go with colorful daisies during summertime. In wintertime, consider decorating with boughs from evergreen trees such as spruce or pine.


10 Tips For Decorating With Flowers:

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