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7 Unexpected Uses for Flowers (Number 6 Will Shock You!)

7 Unexpected Uses for Flowers (Number 6 Will Shock You!)

When you think of flowers, you always link them to being indicative of mother nature’s rebirth; existing for the sole purpose of making things look nice. But looking at them from that facet delimits their value. Aside from being decorative pieces or sweet gestures embodying messages, flowers are considered useful on other grounds that people expect the least. The reason they’re best-sellers goes to their inclusion in all occasions and events happening around the year and worldwide, as well as playing a role in functionality rather than wilting away.

1) Tea

Most edible flowers could be used as a flavoring agent, but not all taste good! Examples of flowers that make good tea are chamomile, roses, and linden. These hot drinks have multiple health benefits that are frequently prescribed by doctors as medicinal treatments for colds or sore throats. They help relax and soothe the body while working as a heating factor to cleanse it from germs and improve the immune system. Not only do they contain natural sweetening chemicals suitable for people with diabetes, but they are also low on the calorie count to help anyone lose weight.

2) Candles

Candles with flowers in them can be either bought or made at home. The petals are plucked, mixed with essential oils, and placed in glass holders to be filled later with wax. Any flower can be used for this purpose, but people usually pick them according to how they fit with the décor. A few good examples of flowers that can be used in candles are roses, jasmine, frangipani, and freesias.

3) Sweets

Yes, there are Arabian and Turkish sweets that have flowers in them. If you’re Lebanese, this fact isn’t peculiar since you’re familiar with Nougat sweets. They usually come mixed with crumbed pistachios, almonds, and are covered with a layer of dried petals. Candied pansies can also be paired with chocolate to create the sweetest treat ever!

4) Dye


Flowers are also used as elements from which dye is made. They’ve been utilized in that way for centuries and are still, to this day, the main components. Take The Festival of Color for example. This event takes place in India every year, where they use Gulal powders that are prepared from flowers growing on Indian Coral and Flame of the Forest trees.
The extracted pigments are suitable and medicinal, making them skin-friendly and beneficial at the same time.

5) Medicine

As mentioned above, flowers hold healing properties that have been used among ancient tribes to cure the ill. From the petals of a flower named Calendula, a potion was extracted to heal cuts and burns as well as act as an anti-inflammatory (antibacterial) drug. The lotus flower is used to lower high temperatures, strengthen the kidneys and heart, and improve digestion. Begonias are for relieving headaches and chrysanthemums are for the tired eyes.

6) Radiation Blockers

As odd as this fact sounds, it is actually true. This idea was proposed by the Japanese after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. They discovered that sunflowers are hyperaccumulators- flowers that have the ability to cleanse the air from high concentrations of pollutants. Both their petals and roots are useful in absorbing radiations and toxins such as zinc and copper from the air and soil. Field mustard, amaranthus, and cockscomb are also known to be useful for this attribute.

7) Relieve Stress & Anxiety

The most known flower for this use is chamomile. They’re consumed as a hot beverage to relieve anxiety and bring sleep. Other contributors are lavenders and jasmine, which are known to lower stress, slow down the heart’s rate, bring peacefulness and mindfulness, and improve sleep. Even if placed as decorative pieces, they act on by giving a sense of comfort and are aesthetically pleasing to look at.

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