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Have you looked at someone and wished they were yours? Just like a kid looking at a cake Infront of a pastry. See, this is why we consider cakes as something delicate, vibrant, and delightful. The temptation of cakes is uncontrollable. Cakes are not only something which we all love to eat, but they also symbolize a very important and happy occasion. Hence why gifting somebody a cake leaves an everlasting impression. Also cakes can reflect love and affection towards the gifted.

It was the Ancient Greeks who adopted this tradition and added cakes to celebrations. We at Presentail, and like everybody else, live by that tradition. This is why we offer cakes made for every taste with SAME-DAY cake delivery  available on our platform across all of Lebanon.

Many of you can spend hours and a lot of money to get the best cake for themselves or for the ones whom they love. These beautiful and pretty items are available almost everywhere you go. So if you want to congratulate or gift someone with something special, what can be more special than a cake? This is why we have teamed up with Lebanon’s best bakeries provide you with the yummiest cakes and make all your occasion extra special and memorable. A party without cake is just a meeting.

If you are seeking to send somebody a gift, or add on to your order and make the recipient even happier and convey your message directly. Presentail offers you to include a free card with a message of your choice on all of your orders. Incase your looking for a birthday gift, visit Presentail’s Birthday Gifts collection for a wide variety of cakes, balloons, and flowers.

Help someone find life as delicious as a cake. If you are not available to bake them one, buy them one instead. We got you covered.

Many occasions like birthdays, graduations, celebrations, valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, anniversaries, new born, as well as get well soon call for a cake or even two. Be sure to also checkout our flower and plant collection. Nothing goes better in a cake gift than a nice arrangement or a box of nice flowers.

Cake Delivery Beirut

Cake Delivery Beirut

So why not send a cake today? Once you feel free and relaxed, go ahead and order a cake for a loved one in Lebanon from us, Presentail, and leave the rest on us to handle. We deliver to your doorstep. You can also select a size for your cake that suits you and the occasion the most.

To make it easy and effortless on you, Presentail has a curated cake collection from Lebanon’s best bakeries. All our orders are prepared fresh every morning. Order now online with same day delivery available in all Lebanese regions, Cake Delivery Beirut.

Cake Delivery Beirut: In case you have any dietary restrictions, would like to add a small note on top of the cake, or have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact our customer service now and via WhatsApp, or you can send us an email on [email protected] We are always here to help you and answer your questions. 

Presentail, Sending love one gift at a time.

Bon Appétit!

Cake Delivery Beirut