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Fun Facts about Flowers:

Fun Facts about Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and fun to look at, but what do you know about them? Some facts about flowers might surprise you. Did you know that there is a flower that grows in some of the harshest conditions on Earth and still looks stunning? Or that there is a flower that looks as if it’s made of ice? There are so many kinds of flowers and each one has its unique beauty.

Yes, flowers can be used for food, but have you ever tried to eat a nasturtium petal or raspberry blossom? The taste may surprise you.

What do most flowers smell like? What are the smells that are your favorite and least favorite?

The plants that you grow in your garden can be quite interesting. Some plants need to have their roots submerged in water while others thrive when planted at different heights above ground, but what do they all need to live?

What do most flowers look like? What are the shapes that are your favorite and least favorite?

What do most flowers sound like when they move in the wind or rain? What are the sounds that you love to hear?


To answer your questions, we decided to write a list of facts about flowers just for fun!

Fun Facts about Flowers

1 – There are over 100,000 kinds of flowers on earth. Most live in the tropics where they have warm weather all year round.

2 – Flowers have been used in wedding ceremonies for thousands of years. Walking down the aisle is a tradition that started when the bride showed her father or whoever else was giving her away, a branch from a tree. The branch was covered with brightly colored flowers and stood for the happiness she would have in her marriage.

3 – Flowers can be a form of art. Some flowers, especially orchids and lilies, have the most beautiful shapes and bright colors. These kinds of special flowers are sometimes sold in florists’ shops for a lot of money.

4 – There is a type of flower that smells so bad it will make people’s mouths water. The giant Arum flower from Africa has a carrot-like shape and a rotten meat smell. It is also called the corpse plant because it smells like a dead body. When the flower opens, flies come to take pollen from inside its stamen. The stench of this flower makes people ignore it even though they may be walking by it every day.

5 – Some flowers only need to live for a few days. The Bird of Paradise plant from Malaysia has a flower that blooms and then dies after just one day. It’s hard to believe it can make seeds in such a short time!

6 – People have figured out how to eat flowers too! Some use the petals as a garnish or in their salads.


7 – Some flowers are poisonous. The lily of the valley makes its berries smell sweet, but they can be very dangerous if people eat them! The berries are poisonous.

8 – There is a flower that grows in some of the harshest conditions on Earth and still looks stunning. The Saharan rose survives in one of the hottest places on this planet, where there is very little rain or water. This kind of rose usually blooms after the first few spots of rain of winter bring green leaves back to the desert.

9 – Among the fun facts about flowers, here’s the funniest! Some plants have flowers that look like animals or insects. The Monkeyface orchid from Australia makes a flower that looks just like the face of a monkey! Watch out for this trickster – it likes to play practical jokes on people!

10 – If you’ve ever thought about growing your food, then you might know that flowers can be used for food. Some flowers taste good and some taste bad, but all of them provide something important for people – they take in the sun’s rays and turn them into energy we can eat.

11 – Not all flowers are beautiful. Some, like weeds, grow wild very quickly and look as if they’re trying to choke out the other plants around them.

12 – When it’s raining, many flowers open up and release their sweet smell into the air. Their scent helps to lure in insects that will pollinate them, but you can enjoy this smell too! It smells really nice when rain falls on a flower garden or field of wildflowers.

Flowers are amazing plants that have leaves, stems, and roots. They also have many uses in different cultures. They can be used for weddings or as a type of art form, among other things. Some are even poisonous! Flowers are important parts of all gardens. These colorful plants reproduce by making new flowers every year. Some are hard to grow, but others will grow in almost any backyard or garden.

We hope you enjoyed these facts about flowers, and we know that you’ll also enjoy our newest Lebanon flowers collection, available in all beautiful colors of petals. You can also check out our Christmas collection and gift your loved ones in Lebanon all the love they deserve!

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