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Guide to the best flower shops in Achrafieh Lebanon

Guide to the best flower shops in Achrafieh Lebanon

Due to its Mediterranean-type climate, the variety of flowers Lebanon blooms every year is mighty. This feature gives each season enough time for it to bear its buds and fruit the prettiest flowers, which are also found in most flower shops in the Achrafieh area in Lebanon. So, we decided to compile a list of the best flower shops, according to the reviews and beauty of the products they’re selling, and include them in this week’s blog under the title a guide to the best flower shops in Achrafieh.

  • Presentail: 

Presentail is an online ordering and delivery platform that provides the best catering services to Lebanese expats living abroad. Our vast collection of flowers contains the freshest and most vibrant bouquets and floral boxes in Lebanon. We provide same-day delivery services to cover all occasions and help you send love to all your dear ones back in Lebanon. Want to send flowers to Lebanon? Check out our expansive collections and send each petal with love!

  • Le Lilas Flower Lounge:

Upon searching for Le Lilas Flower Lounge on Instagram, you will be surprised by their vision and embodiment of flower wedding arrangements and decorations. They specialize in creating the perfect theme of floral assortments that make up all of a wedding’s beauty. Their petals are also accompanied by other decorative assets that blend well with everything else, making them the best wedding caterers in Lebanon.

  • Basset Flower:

Basset Flower’s mission is to provide a wide variety of flowers throughout all seasons while maintaining its image as an innovative shop. This image consists of the best quality with the best prices possible and their delivery services covering all 24 hours and during all festive occasions.

  • Acacia:

This flower shop has been around since 1952 and kept changing its name until it settled on Acacia in 1971. Their drive resides solely in their passion to create the best-personalized flower arrangements, plants, and occasion-based bouquets in Lebanon while keeping into consideration the therapeutic sense their flowers emit. Perhaps, one of the oldest flower shops in Achrafieh.

  • Amanda Flowers:

This flower shop specializes in creating floral arrangements that fit on all occasions and can be delivered across all of Lebanon at any time. The themes and designs are picked by professional florists who have worked in this field for 15 years. Not only do they work with bouquets, but their services include decorating cakes and wedding events.

  • Amaryllis:

Founded in 1997, Amaryllis works with chocolate floral arrangements and designs. This family-owned business focuses on providing the best decorating services for all occasions along with other products suitable to be gifted as complementary pieces. They are always ready to offer their services, including decorating for a newborn celebration, a baptism, a first communion, a wedding, and a birthday. Amaryllis is among best flower shops in Achrafieh for weddings.

  • Maison Des Fleurs:

Maison Des Fleurs go an extra mile with their flower bouquets and boxes. Through careful selection of the freshest cut flowers, they assemble together arrangements that reflect self-identity and profound emotions, which is a great way to send someone you love a message in the form of petals! They also provide same-day delivery services all over Lebanon.

  • Les Trois Fleurs:

These guys have over 500 different designs for wedding decorations alone, so you can only imagine the number of luxurious collections they have to offer! Les Trois Fleurs has paved its name as an exquisite flower shop by creating the most beautiful bouquets and arrangements for all occasions. Their color-gradient themes and assortments are what made them famous and well known in their field, along with the other services and offers they provide their customers with.

  • Flowers Lebanon:

As simple as their name signifies, Flowers Lebanon is a small shop in Achrafieh specializing in creating authentic flower bouquets and boxes for all occasions and events. They also have a website that targets gifting of flowers according to special dates and audience type. They also emphasize a 7-day freshness guarantee to all their products after delivery services that stretch all over Lebanon’s grounds.

  • Atir Flowers:

The great thing about Atir Flowers is that they always introduce to their customers’ flowers in all color ranges to pick from. This is an amazing product service in case orders are chosen in accordance with the occasion and theme of the decorations. A cute addition to their collection is their customizable flower crowns specifically made for weddings and birthday parties.

Have a suggestion for flower shops in Achrafieh, that we may have missed? Email us: [email protected]. We will update this article routinely to take into account new flower shops in Achrafieh.

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