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How Much Do You Really Know About Lebanon?

How Much Do You Really Know About Lebanon?

The Lebanese people have always been known for their perseverance when faced with hardships. No matter the obstacles, they always find happiness in the smallest details. So, as a Lebanese citizen, I jotted down a list of things that are special in Lebanon:

1) Mountain Side & Greenery:

Even though a lot of green spaces in Lebanon have an entry fee that some families can’t cover, many areas are still considered public grounds that welcome all visitors with nice breezes and waving branches. They get the busiest on weekends, filling with families from different regions, to spend a nice time around snack tables and camping fires.

2) Saj with 3amo Nabeel & Other Authentic Snacks:


Upon the arrival of our team to their photoshoot destination, they met with 3amo Nabeel who prepared them delicious Saj (manakeesh) to eat while working. Even though it was a small gesture, but the effect it had on us was great. Lebanese people are known for their big hearts and sweet actions. They understand how hard it can get during these times, thus making them empathetic and considerate.

3) Love of Singing & Art:

Art runs deep in our blood. The inspiration of Lebanese craftsmen from their problems helps them develop hope from nothing. Local museums are filled with original and authentic works of art that are recognized internationally due to their meaning and essence. On every balcony, you can find groups of people sitting together, laughing and talking about anything and everything. The voices of oud holders, singing in joy and bringing people together.

4) The Value of Our Roots:


Our love for Lebanon has always been the reason we keep pushing forward no matter what. Whether we’re students working, entrepreneurs in western countries, or respectable farmers earning a living straight from the land, we’ve had a strong sense of unity and respect for each other. Our homeland has made us appreciate the smallest things we have, whether it was the simplest gesture or kind words from the people of our country.

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