How to Protect Your Skin and Hair from the Cold Weather

How to Protect Your Skin and Hair from the Cold Weather

How to Protect Your Skin and Hair from the Cold Weather

As we begin to approach the cold season, we start to notice the changes our body undergoes along with this seasonal transition. Our skin starts chapping because of the inactivity of our sweat ducts, and our hair develops split ends and an itchy scalp due to the low secretion of essential oils needed for nourishment. These oils are mostly secreted in hot temperatures to compensate for the rapid evaporation of water particles from our hair and to protect the hair follicles from weakening. This helps in explaining why anyone with long hair suffers from hair loss during the months of low temperatures.

Our motive here is to guide you through the safest and easiest way to take care of your skin and hair, which is relatively possible if you abide by the recommendations below.

1) Skincare

  • Moisturize:

It’s really important to keep your skin moisturized all the time. Washing your face after waking up or from makeup, also washes away all the essential oils that help keep your skin fresh. This results in dry and chapped skin that deteriorates over time. Aside from moisturizing, it is advised to limit the usage of makeup, to keep the pores clean and healthy, since makeup products such as foundation and concealer leave dark spots, especially under the eyes.

  • Protect your skin from the sun:

Even in low temperatures, sunscreen is a must! The continuous shift in subjecting the skin to hot then cool wind causes damage to the skin. So, in order to protect yourself, apply sunscreen and avoid staying in the sun for long. Sunbathing in the fall or winter is a complete no!

  • Limit the use of hot water and soap:

As mentioned above, washing with water and soap is harmful to the skin. Hot water opens up the pores and washes away the essential oils. This causes early wrinkles and dark heads, that would be hard to get rid of later on. As a solution, limit your options to cool water and organic soap bars, and after you’re done, dab your face with a towel. Don’t wipe too harshly!

2) Haircare

  • Get regular trims:

To ensure the prosperity of healthy hair, you need to get regular trims from time to time. During colder seasons, hair follicles tend to weaken, which limits the nutrition sent to the ends of the hair strands. This ultimately leads to breakage and splits ends. The cool air makes hair dry and brittle, so trimming is the right course of action to take.

  • Avoid heat styling:

Using curlers and straighteners not only dries the hair but also causes split ends, which we’re trying to avoid. High heat is another cause of dandruff and breakage, so to prevent this havoc, we can simply let our hair dry slowly and naturally without the use of other products.

  • Use oil treatment:

The perfect solution to all your problems is adding the right amount of natural oil products to your hair. Oil treatment not only strengthens the hair, but also repairs any damage caused by heat stylers, cold weather, or recurring split ends. We greatly emphasize researching and picking the right hair products before usage. Natural and organic products are favored.

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