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How to Turn Your Room into Your Comfort Zone?

How to Turn Your Room into Your Comfort Zone?

We always dreaded being sent to our rooms as kids, but as we got older, it metamorphized into being our safe haven where we spend most of our time working, eating, entertaining ourselves, but most importantly sleeping!

They always say that looking into someone’s room is like navigating into their minds because it’s a reflection of their personality and aura. It’s a realm where we recharge our energy through seclusion and tranquility; a home for the soul. Hence it is crucial we make it as homey and comfortable as possible, and here are a few ways to do so:

1) Get Rid of Any Unnecessary Junk

Here’s one way you could start! Always keep your room void of any useless cluttering that could take space and be a hassle in your way. Old boxes, outdated magazines, a broken shelf, or a cracked mug. Anything impractical is considered junk so it’s better to get rid of or replace it with something less space-consuming and functional. This way you could hit two birds with one stone.

2) It’s Always a Good Idea if it’s Pastel

Choosing pastel colors for your walls or bedsheets is always considered a good choice. Naturally, pastels are less saturated than bolder colors thus making them homey, soft, and mellow. This in turn subjects the room into a state of calmness and amicability to the occupants. In addition to them being aesthetically pleasing, light colors are favored in warmer seasons because they reflect heatwaves and help regulate the room temperature, thus making them multitaskers!

Color coordination and the insertion of a few bolder tones are recommended as well. To deviate from monotonousness and break the color scheme, simple patterned wallpaper or furniture can result in adventurous results.

3) Plants, Plants, and More Plants!

It’s an un-debated notion that plants are a must when creating the essence of a room. They are visually appealing and have an inclination to a clean and healthy environment due to their ability to cleanse the air, ameliorate health both emotionally and spiritually, and not to forget, good use of empty space. Their different sizes and textures make them suitable for any setting and use. They could be placed on bookshelves, in small pots, or hanged as crawlers on walls.

Whether artificial or living, tending them is easy as they are low maintenance and require minimal care. The vases and pots into which they’re placed can also be self-decorated or made by recycling old glass containers and painting them in complementary colors and patterns.

4) A Lamp to Tone the Hue

Doesn’t the image above allude to solace and easement? The perfect lighting to set the mood right for writing, studying, or just vibing? Definitely true.

Dim lighting serves as an accessory, that emits not only light rays but relaxing vibes and creates a soothing environment needed after a long and stressful day. Not to be underrated; its passivity succors rationalism and improves decision-making. On top of that, the golden hues give motivation to any creative individuals thus improving productivity.

5) How about Some Shelves? Bean bags?

After every renovation scheme, a large number of people opt for replacing their bulky cupboards and tables with wall-mounted shelves in order to save space and use them as decorative pieces. They can be utilized as book holders, accessory keepers, and a place where you leave your keys or any valuable belongings.

Since we’re focusing on the easy mobilization of fitments, bean bags can be pretty useful when it comes to changing the seating area, and specifically a comfortable amenity to doze off onto.

6) And Finally, Keep it All in Place!

It would be pretty useless if you followed all these points but neglected to keep everything tidy and in place. For us to prove this article’s effectiveness, it is necessary to maintain an organized and clean environment in order to minimize any external stress and reduce lingering negative energy.

The tips above could be followed by any routineer wanting insight into how to make a change in their daily lives. If you are that person and have a hard time searching for any room décor accessories, you can check our collection in the flower section where we display an array of phenomenal plants and arrangements!

Happy to have you!


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