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Magnificent Individuals

Magnificent Individuals

Magnificent Individuals

In this week’s blog, we will be sharing the story of the magnificent individuals who have fought against all obstacles to shine as talented and dexterous culinary artists.

The story begins in 2020 when these 2 magnificent individuals, Mrs. Sawsan Wazzan Jabri and her husband Mr. Rifaat Jabri, who are both Food Science and Nutrition experts, decided to found Udiversity Academy for the purpose of giving diverse individuals with disabilities the right to grow and improve their skills.

It started at “Nutrition and Diet Center” s.a.r.l!

Udiversity is a project founded by the 2 magnificent individuals Mrs. Sawsan Wazzan Jabri and her husband Mr. Rifaat Jabri who are both experts in Food Science and Nutrition and who are also the founders of “Nutrition and Diet Center” S.A.R.L.

“Nutrition and Diet Center” is a family owned business that offers dietary consultations and programs as well as healthy homemade lunch boxes and snacks.

“We had the kitchen, we decided to Empower!” 

As mentioned by these 2 magnificent individuals: “At Diet Center, we have a fully functioning kitchen that allows many jobs fit for everyone. In the beginning, training challenged individuals was part of Diet Center’s CSR until the idea naturally evolved into becoming an independent culinary academy.

Together, with inspiration from our students and guidance from a licensed psychologist, we proposed the idea of a culinary academy that embraces diversity and called it “UDIVERSITY”.

At Udiversity, we offer professional training in the kitchen for young adults with challenges such as autism, down syndrome, and mental and developmental delays. Our academy focuses on training young people with challenges on the art of cooking, packaging, gift wrapping, and more.”


The process starts by asking each student to pick a task in the kitchen that appeals to them and become professionally trained in that task. In fact, some of them are so good at their work that they are offered a paying job at Diet Center.

Our first recruits were the amazing Zeina, Aya, Hoda & Lamees.

Udiversity will be launching 11 products that are all prepared and packaged by our students. Udiversity products will be marketed through social media, word of mouth, displays in our facilities as well as at other points of sale.

Part of the proceeds of Udiveristy products will go to supporting our enrolled students.


We promise that if you haven’t tasted Hoda’s “Warak Inab” and “Kibbeh” you’re missing out! Lamees, on the other hand, is responsible for special platters such as Zucchini, Grape Leaves, Chich Barak, Kibbeh, and mini bakeries.

Some of the other skilled students offer great help with the ongoing preparations in the salads and breakfast area.

All our children have unique qualities to be celebrated and we hope they will continue to leave a little sparkle wherever they go. We can’t wait for our family to grow and for you to enjoy the fruits of labor of these talented and dedicated individuals.

Their main goal was to provide students with professional work experience in a safe and clean environment. Udiversity aims to strengthen these challenged students with skills that could help them in life, overcome hardships and maintain prosperity.

Students in Udiversity Academy are given the opportunity to learn more about culinary arts through creating sweets and home-cooked meals to sell.

To name a few of their works, we have the Light Walnut Caramel, Light Honey Seedsbar, Light Ghoraybeh, and Light Anise Stars. It would be useful to mention that Udiversity falls under Diet Center, which credits them to producing sweets suitable for everyone.

Through their motto, “Love is an ingredient that binds us together,” they prove to us that no matter what difficulties we face in life, we can overcome them with sheer willpower, courage, and confidence. Presentail has collaborated with Udiversity Academy to help empower them on their journey and spread their message.

In order to make this possible, you can benefit from 15% OFF on all their products till Oct. 31, 2021, by using the discount code udiversity at checkout. Encourage these magnificent individuals to continue their journey with determination and love. 💙💛

Happy to have you!


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