Deliver to Lebanon

Deliver to Lebanon

March Lebanon

Official Observances in March Lebanon 2022:

Lebanon’s beauty has no limits, whether on its heaven-like mountains or its smiling shores that never lose their charm. The birth of cedars in this country which have lived for more than three millennia sits easily with Lebanon’s holy sites, some of which are more than two thousand years old.

1) March 9: Teacher’s Day, on March 9, 2022, is celebrated by schools across Lebanon. The Lebanese National Anthem will be played during opening ceremonies at schools across Lebanon on March 9, 2022, while students place their right hand over their hearts. Heads of schools must stand while the anthem is being played.

All teachers should be standing for this observance in all schools across Lebanon. Teachers will sing along with the national anthem, together with the children at school. It is highly encouraged that everyone sings the national anthem if they can do so. This event may be considered a fireable offense if not attended by all members of staff, including the head of school and other administrators. Your cooperation with both your government and its people is appreciated.

2) March 20: March Equinox in Lebanon is considered a national holiday; People usually go to the mountains and spend the day picnicking with their families. 3) March 21: Lebanese women celebrate the day by spending time with their children and family. Many people offer gifts, flowers, or treats to mothers for this occasion; others give handmade gifts like cards, poems, or photos of their mother’s choice. With regards to flowers, yellow ones are usually offered as they remind us of the sun which is like a mother who gives life without asking anything in return. Children ‘s schools also organize celebrations, crafts workshops, and contests to honor mothers. Lebanon is indeed a motherland by itself where the whole world came into being through its beautiful nature. 4) March 25: The Annunciation falls on March 25th, which is the Feast of the Annunciation. Normally, it occurs during Lent and may be changed in western Christian churches if it falls during Holy Week, Good Friday, or a Sunday. 5) March 27: on this day in March Lebanon Daylight saving time starts. Sunday, 27 March 2022, 00:00:00 clocks are turned forward 1 hour to 01:00:00 local daylight time instead. Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour later. Additional information:  March Lebanon We hope you found our blog about holidays and observances in March Lebanon 2022 interesting. During this month, Mother’s Day ranks number one in importance. hence, shoppers are reminded to shop early for the best selection of gifts and flowers. Mothers across the country will be celebrated on March 21st throughout the day. If you browse our collection you will find gift baskets with all types of flowers, stuffed animals with plush roses, bouquets orchids, and other exotic species along with personalized cards that can be found in many stores now. Happy Mothers Day is a common theme that will be used to wish mothers across Lebanon! Shop now and benefit from Mother’s Day Lebanon services!