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How To Open An Online Shop in Lebanon:

How To Open An Online Shop in Lebanon

If you’re a local entrepreneur who wants to start a business in Lebanon, a virtual store is your best option. It’s easy to set up and maintain. And it’s relatively inexpensive. This post will teach you how to open an online shop in Lebanon. We’ll cover the steps involved, the relative costs and other factors to consider.


This is a mini guide on the steps you will need to take.

Starting an online business shop requires careful planning, strategic decision-making, and diligent execution. By following a systematic approach and considering various key factors, entrepreneurs can set themselves up for success in the digital marketplace.


Step 1: Choose a platform

Most people opt for Instagram, when creating their online shop because it doesn’t require any technical skills; however, in order to build a business that can grow and scale, having an e-commerce website is critical. When choosing a website builder, WooCommerce & Shopify tend to be the most popular globally. I would recommend the latter as the first step because of its ease to use and plugin functionality.

Shopify has some great resources online to learn about the e-commerce industry and their plans start at $29. Once your business kicks off, hire a developer and switch to WooCommerce; it’s what we did at Presentail

If you are looking for an online store builder based in Beirut, checkout Ecomz, their pricing starts at $5 per month, which is lower than Shopify.

Selecting the right e-commerce platform is paramount. It should be user-friendly, secure, and scalable to accommodate future growth. Additionally, integrating reliable payment gateways and ensuring robust cybersecurity measures protect customer data and build trust.



This would contribute to initiate the first step in creating your online shop in Lebanon. 


Step 2: Find Products to Sell

Picking products to sell is often the most challenging part of setting up an e-commerce shop. There are two things you will need to figure out:

  1. What you want to sell
  2. Where you will buy those products from

When deciding what you want to sell, reach out to your friends and family for inspiration. Understand what their needs are and to what extent they are fulfilled. Your online shop in Lebanon, needs customers to be success, so work on curating products that people want. 

Another great tool for your online shop  is google search trends. Research what people are searching for in google and if there is a business opportunity to sell them. Once you find an interesting trend, search for it in google and see what websites rank on the first page.


Step 3: Naming & Branding

A name and a brand can make or break you. That’s why most successful entrepreneurs will dedicate months to research and brainstorming in order to come up with the perfect combination of both.

The name of your business is the first contact that potential customers will have with your business. If you want to expand your business in the future, it is important that you choose a name that is easy to remember and always associated with your brand/product. It should also be easy to pronounce and spell without any ambiguity.

Unfortunately for many people, naming a business is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks when launching a new venture, but it is very important in the long run if you want your company to succeed.

Your brand is what makes people recognize your products or services from anywhere else. Even if someone has never heard about you before, they will immediately recognize your brand if they sees it once, which makes it very important for entrepreneurs to invest time in building their brand.

The easiest way to build your brand is through consistent repetition of your logo or slogan across any type of digital or non-digital media channels available to you. As soon as you see the logo or slogan, you will automatically associate it with the product or service at hand.

The best brand that comes to mind in terms of Naming & Branding is Sandwich w Noss. Their branches, ads, packaging, even product name, are very much in sync with each other, creating the perfect branding opportunity. 


Step 4: Marketing

How To Open An Online Shop in Lebanon

Every business, big or small, relies on marketing to promote itself and to provide customers with information on what they have to offer. For a business that is selling products online, this marketing may include Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

For a startup business or an existing business that has just begun to sell products online, the marketing needs will likely be different from a business that has been around for a while.

A new business will need to establish its presence in the market and may want to focus on a specific target market with a particular product or service. Established businesses might already have a good sense of who their target market is but will still need to come up with ways to reach them. 

When creating a marketing strategy, think about your target market. Where do they live? How old are they? What is their purchasing power? What brands do they associate with? What do they like and dislike? All these questions will help you to create a targeted marketing strategy.

Furthermore, establishing a compelling online presence is key to attracting and retaining customers. Designing an intuitive and visually appealing website, optimizing it for search engines, and leveraging social media platforms for marketing purposes are all crucial components of a successful online shop.

Marketing is definitely an essential step in order for you online shop in Lebanon to get recognized.  


Step 5: Loyalty & Great User Experience

Lebanon has a lot of online stores, but still not enough. The rapid growth of the e-commerce world is creating a huge opportunity for both established and new businesses. It’s never been easier to start your own business, to sell your products online. 

Moreover, offering exceptional customer service is vital in the digital realm. Responding promptly to inquiries, providing accurate product information, and facilitating hassle-free returns or exchanges create positive experiences that foster customer loyalty and generate positive reviews.

That being said, in order to really differentiate your business you need to have a strong loyalty program to keep your customers happy and buying. For example, you can offer frequent buyers perks such as: free delivery, promo codes, exclusive offers, and giveaways.


Online Shop – Essentials 


In summary, opening an online business shop necessitates a systematic and well-thought-out approach. By conducting market research, creating a comprehensive business plan, selecting the right e-commerce platform, establishing a strong online presence, providing excellent customer service, implementing effective digital marketing strategies, analyzing business performance, and embracing innovation, entrepreneurs can position themselves for success in the dynamic and highly competitive world of online retail.

With dedication, perseverance, and a customer-centric approach, the potential for growth and profitability in the digital marketplace is vast.


Launch Your Online Shop in Lebanon, today! 

Hope this article will help launch your online shop in Lebanon. Incase you have any questions, recommendations, or just wanna chat feel free to email me: [email protected]  

Your online shop in Lebanon debut will definitely excel using this mini 5 steps guide. 


Happy to have you!


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