Pricing Policy

Presentail is a for-profit organization that provides a service to people around the world who wish to send gifts to their loved ones and connections in Lebanon. Presentail works closely with its partnered vendors to provide fair pricing that:

  • Protects the Sustainability of Our Vendors: With each gift purchased, it means that a business in Lebanon has made another sale. Yet, each sale is important to our vendors since the country is facing economically testing times. Many face the risk of closing due to a decline in business or a lack of liquidity to keep their daily operations running.
  • Protects the Interest of Our Customers: Equally, the customer’s interests are taken into consideration while pricing our items. Our team members from various departments are regularly researching the market to better understand the price of consumer goods while adapting those prices to our customers who purchase from all over the world. 
  • Protects the Sustainability of Our Business: In order to continue serving our valued customers, Presentail prices in a way that is sustainable for the business and ensures its hard-working employees are being compensated adequately and fairly as per Lebanese labor laws and market expectations.

Where is my money going?

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our employees, customers, investors, and other stakeholders. The price the customer pays at checkout is an accumulation of several factors:

  • The Cost of the Product: Vendors price their items in a way that complies with our guidelines and secures a profit for them. Our purpose is to assist these vendors in their success and sustainability. The price displayed on our website is a reflection of the cost of those items, and that cost is quite dynamic for some vendors. A vendor might change their prices due to a change in consumer demand, a fluctuation in market prices, or the time of year.
  • Handling and Delivery: We currently deliver all over Lebanon, and a portion of our expenses includes both the handling and the delivery of the gifts to ensure they arrive safe and sound. In case an item is damaged, misplaced, or failed to arrive, Presentail bears the cost of those expenses. Review our delivery fees below in the following section.
  • Marketing and Technology: In order to get our message across to all expatriates, Presentail allocates a marketing budget that is significant enough to reach them. We use world-class, digital technologies to ensure that we are offering you one of the best and modern, e-commerce experiences.
  • Other Business Expenditures: Presentail utilizes the remainder of its earnings on salaries, operating expenses, administrative expenses, research and development, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Presentail’s Delivery Fees

Presentail charges a flat delivery fee of $9 to anywhere in Lebanon.