Marvis Concentrated Mouthwash Collection

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Marvis Concentrated Mouthwash Collection

Classic strong mint mouthwash 120 ml – Cinnamon mint mouthwash 120 ml – Anise mint mouthwash 120 ml

Discover the complete Marvis eau de bouche collection an alcohol-free, concentrated formula designed to kill germs and neutralize odorcausing

bacteria, without stripping or irritating your teeth and gums. Natural extracts xylitol and propolis extract promote good oral hygiene

by gently and effectively fighting cavities and gingivitis, leaving your mouth clean and healthy, and your breath unmistakably fresh.

Concentrated formula: Dilute 1 part of Marvis Mouthwash in 4 parts of water. Rinse twice a day for 30 seconds after brushing.

Vegan. Cruelty-free. Made in Italy.


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