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The 6 Best Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements for That Special Someone

Valentines Day Gifts Lebanon

The 6 Best Valentine’s Gifts in Beirut

Indeed, sending flowers to your loved ones at any time of the year is considered a lovely gesture, but doing that on Valentine’s Day is the one day you can flex all out!

If you’re looking for help on what to gift on this day, in floral terms, we have constructed the perfect blog for you. You can send a smile by gifting an elegant bouquet that holds a bold message or by opting for a cheerful mixture of petals to brighten up the day of a loved one. Here are the 6 best Valentine’s Day flower arrangements for that special someone!


Red Roses Arrangement

This extraordinary gift was made for someone truly special! The Deluxe Roses Arrangement consists of 25, 50, or a 100 fresh red roses, carefully arranged. Ideal for occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more! On Valentine’s Day, however, this choice of gift speaks elegancy and adoration.


The Colorful Surprise

This unique bouquet will surely lift the mood of your recipient! The Colorful Surprise consists of the perfect combination of bright and bold colored flowers, including gerbera, among others. It makes a wonderful choice for sending warm birthday wishes, wishing someone well, and other celebrations. It is quite different from the usual Valentine’s Day gift choices but any bright and colorful bouquet is a signature “Have a Nice Day!”

This bouquet includes Gerbera, Chrysanthemums, and statice.


Fresh Promises

Fresh Promises is an assortment of bright-colored flowers that can be gifted on any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. The sweetest bundle of pink and white flowers that hold nothing but love and adoration.


Touch of Gold

A Touch of Gold. Show your love with this beautiful red and gold rose box. It is the optimum lover’s gift and complementary piece to any surprise you’re planning.

Pinky Lavish is the sweetest bundle of flowers to gift to a loved one due to its pink and purple shades. This box includes pink roses and lilies, along with treats if your lover is a chocolate lover.


Signature Red Rose Box

The Signature Red Rose Box is composed of about 100 red roses assembled to speak out as a bundle of birthing art. Similar to Jack in the Box, this delightful present can make a special someone’s day the best.

What To Gift Her On Valentine's Day?

These were our choices of the 6 best Valentine’s Day flower arrangements for that special someone. We also have a splendid collection of gifts on our Valentine’s Day Gifts Lebanon page. You can check it out and send your loved ones a memorable surprise they’ll never forget!