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The Art of Giving: 5 senses gifts

The Art of Giving: 5 senses gifts

Every little detail matters. Something as simple as picking colors of a gift can affect the feelings and emotions of a gift’s receiver. The change of color can evoke various feelings, ranging from contempt and relaxation all the way to excitement and passion. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the different meanings behind each color and what feelings it evokes.


Red is one of the most versatile and hottest colors out there. It’s a color that represents everything from love and passion to anger and warfare. This fiery color triggers a feeling of affection in the receiver. It unconsciously makes them feel extra loved and missed. Sparks will fly and butterflies will appear! Occasions the likes of Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or wedding proposals would go hand in hand with a plump and luscious red bouquet.


The color orange is one that is strongly associated with creativity and can also give off the feeling of change or movement. Orange is a color that is strongly correlated with the changing seasons, more so to the autumn and fall seasons… moving forward in life. Orange flowers would be the perfect gift for occasions such as promotions, graduations, and retirements, in which the gift-receiver would be in a transitional phase of their life.


Yellow is the color that holds the most energy, vibrance, and brightness. When most people see yellow, they envision sunshine and happiness. Yellow gifts bring on a sense of cheerfulness to the receiver and uplift their mood in ways that are indirect and subtle. When it comes to occasions such as cheering someone up when they’re down or trying to make someone’s day, yellow flowers should definitely be your go-to bouquet choice. Just look at these shining sunflowers. Who wouldn’t instantly smile after receiving them?


When it comes to the color green, associations of wealth, stability, and renewal are triggered. The color green is the main player in everything around us and is a core color in our daily lives… from nature to money. Green also gives off the effect of balance and harmony. Therefore, gifts colored green would excel on occasions that have to do with long-term changes, such as congratulating someone for getting a new job or a housewarming gift for newlyweds.


Blue brings about the feeling of relaxation and calmness. This beautiful and rich color is also associated with peace and helps the receiver to enter a serene state of mind. If you want to help someone you love to feel at ease and forget their worries, blue-colored gifts are the ones for you, especially blue-colored flowers. They’re rare and special and would make anyone’s day.


Purples, violets, mauves… a beautiful and charming color that’ll make anyone feel special and appreciated. Purple allows the gift receiver to get the feeling of uniqueness. Other times purple is also related to luxury and premium quality, especially with its strong correlation to royalty. Hence, whenever you feel the need to show someone your appreciation and gratitude for their presence in your life, or want to express how simply special they are, a purple flower arrangement will go a long way.


White is pure. This color is mostly associated with the feeling of virtue and innocence. White is also the color of angels, heaven, and goodness which are often portrayed in this specific color. White gifts would be most convenient for occasions such as baby births and weddings. New beginnings are always a chance for optimism and positivity, opening a new page if you will, and nothing says new beginnings better than a stunning white bouquet.
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