The Best Flower shops in Lebanon | 7 Amazing Florists and Flower Shops

The Best Flower shops in Lebanon | 7 Amazing Florists and Flower Shops

The Best Flower Shops in Lebanon: 7 Amazing Florists and Flower Shops

Looking for a beautiful bouquet or plan for a special occasion? Look no further, we shortlisted the best offline and online florists to make your loved one feel magical. These range from small local shops that watered their buds with love to big flower shops that contain all kinds of flowers, commonly known and exotic. They come in all sorts of arrangements, designs, and bouquets, ready to be delivered to all locations, no matter when and what the occasion is!


Starting with number one is Pollen. Available exclusively on Presentail, Pollen is a flower workshop based in the heart of Beirut. Pollen’s florists are experts at preparing bouquets for special occasions like weddings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. These occasions can also stretch to other personal days that require customizable bouquets and assortments. Not to mention, the wide variety of blossoms they have to offer every year. These of course depend on the seasonal changes going on. Presentail accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, & Google Pay.

Fleur De La Sagesse

The Best Flower shops in Lebanon | 7 Amazing Florists and Flower Shops

Perhaps, the oldest flower shop in Beirut, Fleur De La Sagesse (FDLS) has a rich history going back to 1980. FLDS’ collection is available offline in their retail location in Jdeideh and online on Presentail & their website. Our work with them has been nothing but pleasant. The orders always come in fresh and in their best conditions! They accept Mastercard, Visa, and cash.


Lebanon’s famous network of florists belongs to the Takkoush family. These flower shops in Lebanon have a log history of offering some of the best flowers at the lowest cost. Even though these flower shops have the same name, they have separate management and are run independently. You can purchase Takkoush flowers from any retail location in Beirut. They also have an expansive collection of flowers, coming in all colors and shapes, ready to be gifted on all occasions. 

Arabi Flowers

Arabi flowers started their journey in 1997, specifically located in Beirut, Lebanon. Most of their orders and clients come from wedding decorations and corporate requests. They have a creative and distinctive arrangement of flowers for all different occasions, festive or personal.

Azhar Lara

This would be the best option for you if you’re looking into artificial flower and plant pieces. Since they require low maintenance, they could be used for corporate workspaces and placed in small and dim-lit areas. On a more natural level, they also specialize in making flower teddy bears, that could be gifted to a loved one on their special day. Azhar Lara is located in Jnah.

Bonsai Flowers

In 1974, Bonsai Flowers was founded, starting as a small shop in the Hazmieh area until 1998, where it grew to a full-fledged flowering firm. It continued its journey by catering to its clients’ flower arrangements, wedding assortments, and personalized gifts for special occasions. They accept Mastercard, Visa, and cash.

Terra Flowers

Terra Flowers almost adopts the same concept as Presentail, where they handpick their flowers, bundle them according to the order, and deliver them to their destination. They work in Lebanon and worldwide, while also providing to their customers the option of same-day delivery to make sure all their clients are satisfied.


All of these flower shops in Lebanon focus on providing to their customers the freshest products, in ornate designs, and through the easiest and smoothest checkout services, and so does Presentail. You can check out our beautiful collection of the freshest and most vibrant flowers Lebanon has to offer to you and your loved ones!

Note: This article was first published on Friday, November 6, 2021. We will update it regularly to take into account changes in prices, quality, user experience, packaging, and other factors that we value. Have a suggestion? Email us at  [email protected]

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