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The best gift shops in Lebanon

The best gift shops in Lebanon

Sending gifts through The best gift shops in Lebanon to loved ones back home can be tricky, especially if you’re an expat living outside and can’t be there to pick the gift personally.
So, to make it easier for you, we decided to assemble a list of the best gift shops in Lebanon, according to the outstanding quality of their products, and add them in this week’s blog under the title:

The Best Gift shops in Lebanon | 7 Amazing Gift Shops

  • BusyBox:


The best gift shops in Lebanon
First, we start with Busybox. Although a peculiar choice of a gift shop, it magnifies the gift’s quality with pureness and innocence.
BusyBox is a craftsmen shop where kids and their parents sit and enjoy sessions of learning how to make hand-made gifts to send love from the tips of their fingers.
It is a great way to personalize gifts and make them special, in addition to also enhancing childrens’ innovative and decision-making skills. A true way to make heart-touching gestures!

  • Philosophia Library:

The best gift shops in Lebanon

Philosophia Library is found in Beirut, on a busy street where comers and goers are frequenting.

You can find books from all genres in languages of English, Arabic, and French. They also collaborated with Presnetail to make the ordering and delivery services even easier for you.

  • Ants:

The best gift shops in Lebanon

In a small corner in Hamra, you would find a packed homey shop filled with handmade accessories, clothing, incense, bags, books, vinyl records, paintings, and many other things you’ve never seen before.

In 2006, Ants opened as an authentic store that held an absurd display of leather, glass, and metal items; all unique pieces and collections in the marketplace.
This led them to expand furthermore in 2008 and 2011 where they succeeded in opening a new branch in Armenia.

  • Mim Museum:

The best gift shops in Lebanon

MIM Museum is a private museum in Beirut Lebanon showcasing over 1800 minerals, from different species counting up to 400, and collectively assembled from approximately 70 countries around the world.

It opened in 2013, gradually launching collections until it reached this milestone. How is this related to gifting? Well of course they have a gift shop! You can buy and pick any minerals that have a personal meaning to you or are related to your horoscope sign for fun!

  • Pazzlyk:

The best gift shops in Lebanon

Pazzlyk is an online gift shop selling unique items that are exclusive only on its website. The products range from wooden hand-carved clocks and checkerboards to leather wallets and notebooks.
They operate 24/7 and deliver all over Lebanon on all occasions. They can be contacted on Facebook, where their products are showcased and ordered easily for a smooth checkout.

  • The Little Gift Shop:

The best gift shops in Lebanon

The little gift shop specializes in preparing setups for all occasions. These include newborn setups, bridal, and baby showers, and the compelling of souvenirs.
Their main shop is in Fanar, Metn where they get customers to order customized gifts and decorations following the theme of the event or occasion.
They also deliver all over Lebanon and payment can be done either on delivery or through OMT.

  • Presentail:

The best gift shops in Lebanon




When it comes to finding the best gift shops in Lebanon, Presentail is undoubtedly a standout choice.

Presentail offers a unique and convenient online platform that showcases a wide array of gifts for various occasions. With their extensive network of local suppliers, they curate a collection of high-quality and thoughtful gifts that are sure to impress.
Presentail is an online shop that allows Lebanese expats to send gifts to Lebanon on all occasions and with the option of same-day delivery. Our Gift Delivery Lebanon services cover all sub-cities to make sure we reach your loved ones no matter where they are!
You can also add a personal touch with the gift card feature and make it a gift to remember. Check our wide collections of flowers, cakes, and other gifts.

  • The best gift shops in Lebanon – Inspiration

Moreover, Presentail’s user-friendly website and efficient delivery service make gift shopping a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a last-minute present or planning ahead for a special occasion, they offer prompt and reliable delivery across Lebanon. Their attention to detail and excellent customer service guarantee a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

While Presentail stands out, Lebanon also boasts other noteworthy gift shops. For those seeking traditional Lebanese handicrafts, the Sursock Museum Store and the Lebanese Handicraft Souk in Beirut are excellent choices. These stores showcase a range of locally made products, including pottery, textiles, and woodwork.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best gift shops in Lebanon, Presentail sets itself apart with its curated selection, emphasis on local businesses, and convenient online shopping experience. Combined with the charm and craftsmanship found in other stores like the Sursock Museum Store and the Lebanese Handicraft Souk, Lebanon offers a wealth of options to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Conclusion

Explore the best gift shops in Lebanon for a great inspiration of what you may search to gift a loved one back home. 

Send love one gift at a time with Presentail!

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