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The Mindful Meditation of Reading Books

You could be anywhere anytime; with company or without, during the day or at the brink of dusk, in a state of peace or chaos, and still need to find mindfulness.

But what does it mean to be mindful?

Mindfulness is the state of being fully aware and present at the moment; to quench our spirit with being alive, let our background merge into our foreground, and create the perfect painting of our consciousness. We can obtain that state through different approaches, reading being one of them.

In this week’s blog, we are going to explore how to obtain blissful mindfulness by pursuing certain methods.

1) Remove Distractions

Before anything, put your phone on silent, shut your laptop, and refrain from turning to any external distractions. It is important to have the determination to do so. You need to be focused and convinced that reading is what you really want to do. Not having a passion for pursuing such an activity would render your efforts purposeless. A few examples would be mobile phones, noisy background, dim lighting, and poor choice of books to read.

2) Find the Perfect Spot/Environment

Whether you choose to stay at home or go to a public library, the environment you sit in is really important. Whatever happens in the background reflects on you; the cozier, the more your attention span will be directed towards the book at hand. Don’t choose a room with dim lights since good lighting helps to prevent strain on the eyes. Sit in a good posture, relax, and start your journey. You can also put music on to help cover any external noises in the background. Songs without lyrics are preferable.

3) Food: You Can Also Have a Snack!

The Mindful Meditation of Reading Books

A happy stomach equals a happy mind. Through research, we were able to come to a conclusion that hunger is definitely related to the amount of attention you zero onto a task. The more you’re hungry, the less you’re focused. Hence, having snacks while reading will help you maintain a good reading experience, and if you’re reading for the purpose of studying, you will be able to attain more information successfully.

4) Pick the Perfect Book

You should definitely pick a book of interest to you. Fortunately, books come in numerous genres, by different authors, in all sorts of cultural backgrounds and styles. When read in focus, the reader is at an advantage of improving their focus, communication skills, and memory, and developing literacy and better linguistic background knowledge to their gain. Aside from these aspects, reading a book of your preference helps you succeed in work and personal relationships.

The process of reading to acquire mindfulness, or feeling mindful enough to read a book can vary from person to person, but in the end, we have to assist you onto your journey.

Happy to have you!


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