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Things Only Lebanese People Can Understand

Things Only Lebanese People Can Understand

Things Only Lebanese People Can Understand

When you’re a Lebanese expat, it’s hard to get a sense of home, especially in western countries. Lebanon is rich with many things that are unique only to the country itself, and as citizens of this country, nothing makes us happier than being part of the amazing culture – a culture that knows no discrimination, no hate, only acceptance, and coexistence. Nonetheless, we wanted to give you a quick reminder of the positive side of living in Lebanon that you might (or might not :p) be missing. Nothing screams Lebanon more than the 5 things we’re about to list below.

1- Morning ski to afternoon swim

Only in Lebanon can a person go skiing in the morning while enjoying the cold, white and fluffy snow with their family on Sundays and then a mere 4 hours later, go down by the Mediterranean and sunbath on the hot sand with a cold RedBull in hand surrounded by your friends. This tiny country’s spring weather happens to be perfect for both of these completely opposite activities at once!

2- Unity of religion

One of the things only Lebanese people can understand is what it’s like to live in a country rich with cultural and religious diversity. It’s part of who we are as a people and nothing makes us prouder. The first thing that crosses our minds when we talk about acceptance and coexistence, and that acts as a symbol of unity, are the mosque and church that stand tall side by side down in downtown Beirut. Amidst bustling streets, they stand as silent witnesses to our shared history, embodying the harmonious coexistence that defines Lebanese society.

This visual representation of tolerance serves as a constant reminder of our collective commitment to understanding, respect, and peace, showcasing Lebanon’s unique ability to bridge divides and foster unity amidst diversity.

3- The Traditional Dinner Bill Fight

A dinner out with friends isn’t fully complete without the “bill fight” at the end when it’s time to leave. It’s no surprise that generosity runs in the Lebanese blood, and it’s one of the things  only lebanese people can understand, so whenever its time to pay any bill, the infamous phrases “Treka 3laye”, “Ana 3azemkon”, “La la la ma be2bal”, “El marra el jey 3lek”, come out. P.s For anyone who’s not Lebanese dining at any restaurant in Lebanon, and you suddenly see 2 people standing on the table tugging at the bill to the point of bloodshed, don’t be alarmed, just sit back and enjoy the show.

4- Traditional Sunday BBQ

Imagine “mashewe wl shabeb” but with your grandma. Every Sunday, Lebanese families flee their homes early in the afternoon to go outside of Beirut and enjoy a full day of family fun. “shish tawouk”, “la7meh meshwiyyeh” and “3arayis kafta”, are all things that make our Lebanese mouths water… spending a day with your family out in nature, enjoying some beautiful weather, chitchatting and laughing with everyone are things only lebanese poeple can understand. 

5- Trilingual Sentences

Trilingual refers to the ability to speak, read, and write proficiently in three languages. It denotes an individual or a community capable of communicating effectively in three different linguistic systems. Being trilingual often implies a level of cultural diversity and adaptability, as individuals navigate between multiple linguistic contexts seamlessly. It can enhance cognitive abilities, broaden cultural understanding, and open up opportunities for global communication and collaboration.

But in Lebanon we do it differently. “Hi! Kifak, ca-va?”. The sentence speaks for itself. And these thing only Lebanese People can understand. Speaking of which, Habibi, send gifts to Lebanon to your loved ones. Presentail is always here to help you! 

Happy to have you!


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