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8 Travel Packing Tips

8 Travel Packing Tips

Whether you’re packing for a month-long road trip across the country, a weekend getaway, or even for a long period of travel, Presentail is here to secure you with the most efficient tips and tricks for light packing.

Packing anxiety can be a real thing. It’s a disorder that can lead us to panic and over-pack to secure ourselves, instead of following the tips below that will help you pack better.

Tip #1- Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes can save you twice the space. Start with your larger clothing items such as jeans and outerwear, and end with smaller items such as t-shirts and tank tops.

Tip #2- Use Packing Cubes

This tip, if applied, will help you not just save more space in your suitcase but to organize it as well.

Tip #3- Put Items Inside Your Shoes

Most of the time we end up packing shoes that take up a lot of space. Yet, we should know that the space inside our shoes can be used for extra space to stuff in some pieces of jewelry, socks, and any small items.

Tip #4- Wear Shoes That Take Up the Most Space

An obvious tip, but an important one, lays in the fact to wear the pair of shoes that take up the most space when traveling. This will help you out by saving space and not leaving any beloved item behind.

Tip #5- Wear Your Heaviest Piece of Outerwear

Similar to the previous tip, this tip refers to other clothing items. Instead of trying to pack your heavy winter jacket, wear it and style it with your airport outfit (when applicable, of course).

Tip #6- Use Your Personal Item Wisely

It’s well known for airlines to permit each traveler a carry-on and one personal item onboard planes alongside his luggage. This is why it’s your turn now to invest in this privilege to pack any essential that does not fit in your suitcase anymore.

Tip #7- Layer

Benefit from different airplane environments and weather to create a traveling outfit composed of different clothing items and layers. This is how you will benefit from a stylish tip to save some extra space.

Tip #8- Zip Your Suitcase Up, then Add More to It

Zip your suitcase when it’s almost full so you can push everything inside of it down. And then reopen it, where you will see everything compressed down leaving more room for you to squeeze more on top.

We hope that you find these tips helpful for your next trip, where more extra room is always available for your last-minute adds.

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