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Language Of Gifting Flowers

Language of Gifting Flowers

Flowers are a universal language. People around the world gift flowers to their loved ones on various occasions. Flowers have a unique charm and speak volumes through their beauty and fragrance. It’s an international language that even non-lip readers can understand and convey what they feel for their loved ones. Although it’s very easy to express our love with words, the language of love and affection is incomplete without flowers.

Flowers are used to appropriately convey messages. Most commonly, people send roses when they want to say thank you or apologize for any reason. Similarly, the red rose means “I Love You.” There is a wide range of flower bouquets that include Gerbera, Calla Lily, lilies, carnations, daisies, and tulips. These flowers have a special significance when it comes to saying what you feel for your beloved appropriately.

With the help of flowers, there are many flower combinations that people use to communicate their feelings. Moreover, different seasons bring about new meanings for each occasion. Here are a few examples:



Roses are the most popular bouquet for someone’s birthday. People give red roses to express their love. There is no better way of saying “Happy Birthday” than by sending a fresh flower bouquet across to your loved ones on their special day. It’s equally important that you send these flowers on time before they run out of freshness and charm.


Language of Gifting Flowers

There are no better ways to celebrate your shared memories than by expressing your feelings with flowers. An anniversary is a very important occasion for couples, and you must make the day special for them by gifting beautiful bouquets of every anniversary flower, such as lilies (3rd anniversary), calla lilies, carnations (5th anniversary), and daisies and irises (10th anniversary).


Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day, the day of love! It is celebrated with great enthusiasm across the world on February 14. People show their affection toward their loved ones by expressing their love through flowers. Each flower has a different meaning. Roses are the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day, but you can also gift tulips, which are the best for stating love declarations. You can better suit your gift to your relationship status. For instance, if you are single, choose red roses or carnations because they stand for true love, whereas if you’re in a relationship, you can give your partner a bouquet of daisies and tulips to show that he or she is the best.


Weddings are unforgettable days when two souls unite and the celebration begins with the arrival of flower bouquets. Flowers add richness to your wedding, and no one can deny that they embellish everything. A flower bouquet always has a special place in any wedding, and there are specific flowers for different days of weddings, such as Calla Lilies for the wedding day, Alstroemeria for the engagement party, and Gerberas for “the night before.” You must select these flowers with great care so that they last longer.


Funeral flowers are of immense importance because they help express your feelings during this difficult time. You can send a beautiful flower arrangement to the family of the deceased. The funeral flowers signify hope and tell them that you share their grief and are there to support them through this difficult time. Different kinds of funeral flowers have different meanings, such as carnations for “sorrow,” gladiolus for “courage,” daisies for “innocence,” and lilies for “mourning.”

Mother’s Day:

Language of Gifting Flowers

Mother’s Day is a special day to celebrate the sacrifices and love of mothers. To make it more special, you can send flowers to your mother on Mother’s Day. Lilies are the best choice for this occasion because they stand for purity and truthfulness, which is what your mother stands for. They convey how much you admire her and appreciate all her sacrifices and love.

People use flowers to say what they feel in the best possible way. Flowers have a language of their own, and you must learn about them so that you can better convey your feelings to your loved ones with the help of these beautiful blooms. Visit our Flower Delivery Lebanon page for endless options of flower bouquets and boxes to choose from!

Happy to have you!


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