Lebanese Expats – Presentail Joins Flat6Labs Beirut!

Lebanese Expats –  Presentail Joins Flat 6 Labs Beirut

Lebanese Expats - Presentail Joins Flat6Labs Beirut

In June, Presentail and six other exciting startups, joined Flat6Labs Beirut, a leading accelerator program based in Beirut Digital District. Over the next 4 months, we will be collaborating with Lebanon’s industry leaders in order to improve, grow, and scale our business.

About Cycle 4


Cloud-based internet service provider management software that makes it easy and affordable for small providers to service their clients. They service 400+ ISPs around the world.


A device that can help farmers better distribute pesticides by detecting and identifying the type of bug. The platform is designed to alert farmers via SMS or push notifications of the best time to spray pesticides.


Preventive fleet maintenance app and device that can help large fleet managers (think car rental agencies, catering companies, and more) track their fleet’s maintenance.

Khan Beauty Box

An all natural, eco-friendly and customizatble do it yourself beauty brand. Boxes include educational materials, organic ingredients, kit and more.


Everyone’s favorite startup 🙂


A platform that connects pharmacists to suppliers. Through a website and mobile app, pharmacists can order new supplies, hire freelancers, track inventory, and more!


A portable reusable water filter for refugees that can process hundreds of liters of water for only $8. They believe in a world where water is accessible to all.

About Flat6Labs Beirut

Launched in partnership with ArabNet, Flat6Labs Beirut is a startup seed program and an early stage fund Lebanon Seed Fund (LSF), supported by Banque Du Liban’s Circular 331. It helps accelerate the Lebanese startups’ growth and provides the steady pipeline to the rapidly growing Lebanese venture capital industry. Through its expansive and wide-reaching network and numerous partnerships, Flat6Labs Beirut also provides Lebanese entrepreneurs with the scaling opportunities to access wider markets regionally and internationally.

Interested in joining Cycle 5? Applications are now open: https://www.f6s.com/flat6labsbeirut-cycle5/apply